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My Personal Web Cam - not always on, but check out FORUM INSTRUCTIONAL VIDEOS, when I'm away.

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_Where MOST new Beekeepers Learn Beekeeping_

Backyard Beekeeping Course 

is the beginners guide to Beekeeping which covers all aspects of Backyard Beekeeping and successful maintenance. Learn the different traits of the Queen, Workers and Drones. More than 80 pages of detailed information, fully interactive with the Beekeeping Forum including a detailed search feature with information, and many extreme macro-photos of life in the hive.

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Beemaster's International Beekeeping Forum

All New, State of the Art Beekeeping Forum designed to entertain and educate anyone with interest in world of Beekeeping
. Share images, private messaging, This extremely secure forum is moderated and totally family friendly. LIVE VOICE and TEXT CHAT 24/7/365 using VENTRILO Chat software and internal emailing and many other features. Don't Miss this INTERNATIONAL FORUM - over 3200+ members and 85,000+  posts -  growing daily!

Over 250 pages and 1350 photos
So please look around .
Beemaster's Cookbook Forum
Returning with a complete new forum engine, secure and jam packed with hundreds of recipes and growing - our International Cookbook Forum will temp you with everything imaginable treat from appetizer to complete dinners and everything in between.

Our forum is designed for you to add all your own wonderful recipes to share with our World Wide Audience. You will find recipes from the finest restaurants to the oldest family treasures passed on from Mom to Daughter for generations. Don't miss this fully moderated and easy to use recipe site - you will not go hungry with this collection - ever!
Our New Bus
See our 37ft luxury Motorhome and all the beautiful photos and also read our bus vacations
to see where we have been so far we've taken so far. Travel with us in luxury as we visit different parts of the Easter United States over the next few years. Don't miss our other vacations in and enjoy the many photos and stories.

Follow along as we see the countries and  as we meet fellow campers and make our way to many Nascar Races.
Nascar Online 

Nothing I enjoy more than racing Online with Nascar Racing 2003 Season, which remains the STANDARD from serious racers! Here I'll give an overview of what it takes to get Online and actually race this terrific simulator against people all over the world. This is NOT a game, it is a Simulator. You can paint your own cars - notice the Beemobiles, setup all the specs like a real race car and take on the world at 195mph. 
Pics - 222  Honeycomb theme - Original 2005 Cup Car.
Pics - 222  US Navy theme. 
Traveling Around
Tracey and I enjoy Traveling around the United States and we have been to some interesting places. Here are some of our travelogs.  Watkins Glen, NY was a dart tossed at the Internet and became a memorable vacation. New York City, Washington, DC, and even Flying a Paraplane in Maryland. EXTENSIVELY UPDATED.
This page has been a long time coming. There is now clinical proof of the causes of Out of Body Experiences. The Angular Gyrus is the section of the brain in charge of keeping the conscience attached to the physical body. Now that we know it's real, let's talk about it!

John G. Memorial
1998 was both a sad and joyous year.  Tracey and I got married on July 1st and My Father passed away on July 26th. Here is his story and I'm proud to share it with the world. Please read this inspirational story that will open your eyes to how precious and short life is. Share this with someone you love.
Photo Gallery 
is where you will find images that never made it to other pages on our web site. This is a great page to tour if you have an interest in close-up photography. See here the work that a Olympus 3000 digital Camera can do
and find out what Hi-Res is all about and make room for your next Hobby. Enter the world of Hi-Res images and see what you are missing. Click here for some Additional Photos from my on-line collection.  

Pets Page
Ok, some may say this is lame, but the three cats we have, one for near 16 years have brought us lots of fun and love. There's was old Mellow Sam, Fluffy the luckiest kitten in the world and the twins Tuxie and Patches who does tricks and at 26 pounds is a big lap cat.

Media and Information Sites

USA Today
Slick looking and updated every 30 seconds. Best single news paper on-line. Great financial info.
CNN News
up to the minute world news and archived program transcripts. Also live feed in Real Audio format.
NY Daily News
on-line version of the Nations Favorite newspaper. Looks and feels like the daily paper itself. Easy to navigate.
The Weather Channel
ultimate guide to the worlds weather and local forecast. Set up your own personal weather page here including planting info in your area..
Microsoft and NBC offer this wonderful news service. Try the Explorer version for neat java news. Update every minute.
Daily Comics
Over 50 comics strips to choose from. Make your own daily strip too.  ALL THE COMICS - note disable pop-up blocker to see all.

The Internet Movie Data Base has detailed info on over 200 thousand  films, actors, directors and crew. Everything on films is found here. Totally cross referenced by character names, and soooo much more.
Movie Listings 
this is a complete listing of current movies playing . Includes times and theaters. Plus easy zip code  theater search guide. Get streaming previews, Critic reviews, viewer polls and even buy tickets.
Ebert On Movies
here you find Roger Ebert's recent review and archives of all his favorites. Also his archive of classic films. I cant say I always agree with Roger, but I enjoy seeing his reviews and his archives.

--Audio & Video--

Ok, It's now Netscape Radio, but still the best player for 56K feed on the Internet. Listen to music is over 100 categories juke box fashion using Realplayer. Formerly the DJ Player. 
New York's best talk radio station live on the Internet. Money, food and health and good talk. Interesting local New York City topics and syndicated shows.
Seeing Ear Theater
uses Realaudio to play hundreds of original and classic radio shows. Brought to you by the Sci-Fi Channel. Tales from the Crypt and many other spooky tales.
Download Winamp and enjoy these MP3 Streaming audio sites. New technology that sounds as good FM if you have Cable or faster. Shoutcast has a massive collection of CD quality feeds of all music types.
I love this realplayer site. Live and archived shows from their studios. Dozens of topics. For 2003 Season expect some recorded concerts and lots of hip hop stuff. Still some Jazz and worth checking out.
Radio Lovers
Listen to hundreds of Old Time Radio Shows in full with original commercials - Abbot and Costello, Buck Rogers, George Burns and many many more. GREAT SITE.

--Education & Fun---
Solar System
Ever want to know what Mars looked like from Pluto on any given day? Look at our Solar System on any day of any year from any where in our solar system. Time travel to the past or future and view and planet in our System.
Gameshow Network
If you've watched cable TV's Gameshow Network, then you know that they offer MOST of their shows On-line in both multiplay and single player versions. Go for a game of LINGO or try your luck on a dozen other games here.
So you like word games and other on-line games, then Uproar is the best place for you. If you are a Scrabble player or any of the dozens of single and multiplay games. Although they no longer have multiplayer game, Uproar is still a nice place to visit.
Maze Works
I like this site a lot, it has JAVA Based games that are hundreds and even  thousands of years old and you get to play the games against the computer at several difficulty levels. Games that make your mind work!
Ebaum's World Games
This site has some extreme video content ( deadly plane and car crashes, fear factor eating) again NOT for kid because of the grossness of some of the content and adult language BUT... They have a great collection of games, more than a hundred games.
Atom Films
Here is one of the largest short film collections on the net. Award winning animation, dramas, thrillers, comedies, etc.. The only distraction is a short commercial break between films, typically 30 seconds or less - but someone has to pay the bills.
Coffee Break
Tons of old school arcade games in JAVA format - including gambling, racing, arcade, sports and war style games that load pretty quick and are all fun to play.
Edmund s auto
So we can't all afford a new car, but shopping for one is free at Edmund s and also Kelly Blue Book. Not just new cars either, here you can find what your current junker is worth too
On-line Literature
Classic literature awaits you here. Hundreds of classic tales from history's greatest authors. Mary Shelley, Bram Stoker, Mark Twain and H.G. Wells and lots more.

---Financial and Wealth Building---
Here they are -  EXPERIAN - formerly known as TRW - EQUIFAX and Trans Union. Many states offer a FREE report EVERY year. New Jersey people, it is the LAW - each of these sites give you a free credit report.
Money Minded
Designed for working women who need to get their finances in order. Whether you are new to saving or starting over after a divorce, check this out and learn for other women's success stories.. 

Mutual Funds Guide
Slick looking investor's guide with tons of great stories, examples and links. If you want to start saving with Mutual Funds, don't miss this site.

Please Email us. Let us know where in the world you are from and also if you are a parent, student or educator and if you found our site entertaining or helpful.  Also, we take suggestions and try to improve our site to meet our visitor's needs. Thanks.

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