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Author Topic: Hearings on CCD in US House - Full Audio and text of "prepared statements"  (Read 2044 times)


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If you missed the (USA) House hearings on CCD, not
to worry, they can be listened to in full at your
leisure, and/or downloaded here:


(I grabbed the audio stream of the hearings, chopped it up
into manageable chunks, one per witness, and questions in
groups, and resampled it into mono to save you some download time.)

Text of the prepared statement of each witness can be found here:


But the Q&A is not yet available in written transcript form,
so your only choice at the moment is the audio version.

The short summary is:

a) No startling revelations were made
b) Lots of concerned noises were made by Congresscritters
c) No commitments were made by any Congresscritters as to funding

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and I wonder how much money that pointless hearing cost us..

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Ask the commerical beekeepers how much CCD is costing them.

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