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Author Topic: Goodbye to Ronald Reagan  (Read 2574 times)

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Goodbye to Ronald Reagan
« on: June 06, 2004, 12:35:59 pm »
I must say that Ronald Reagan was my first "Preseident" that I really liked. He was humorous, grounding in his core beliefs, powerful in the eyes of the ressst of the world, loving to his wife, and most importantly I hope he fills Rog's billing for King of the Original Retrosexual.

Reagan would rather ride a orse into the sunset than watch John Wayne doing it on TV, he'd rather tell you to your face what he thought of you instead of emailing his views to all your friends, he'd openly show his love for his wife no matter what the country was suffering - showing family values during a time when double digit inflation was tearing our dollar apart.

In his term (NOT DISPITE IT) we had 6 years of continous economic growth and over 20,000,000 jobs created - the foundation for tearing down the Berlin Wall was laid - I only hope Bee Boy and Buzz take the time someday to understand the history of the Berlin Wall and the separation of East and West Germany. History will remember that AFTER we (the Allies of WW2) which included The Soviet Union, we stood back and gave Russia the PLEASURE of marching first into Berlin in hunt for Hitler. This gesture was given because of Russia's great loss in life as it fought back Germany's march across Europe. It was probably the GREATEST POLITICAL BLUNDER in the history of the World.

Post war, The Soviet Union claims the East as their own land, dividing it from the West and proving the devision by the creation of the wall - an ominous structure that literally divided families as each fence, then brick was laid. It took nearly 5 decades to get the wall down and (although it was destined to happen as the Soviet Union faced major economic issues that would cause it's own people to revolt or starve) Reagan Pushed the buttons to get the wrecking ball moving.

I hear a poll taken the other day that people from 18 to 25 could not answer the two major countries that we fought WW2 against. I'm not sure what they teach today, but I hate political correctness when we can forgive the powers that almost turned

Here is some insoght for our younger members. My Father passed from West to East Berlin many times as a military escort (driver and master at arms for several Generals and diplomats) and he say first hand the difference between freedom in the West and life under the Red Flag in the East.

First let me paint the mood: it is 1950-1954, just 5 years prior Berlin is a city in ruin, 60% is rubble and the 10% needs to be torn down to build it structurally sound. The Germans were still not fans of the Americans, even those in the West where Americans were based for decades after WW2 weren't exactly liked by the Germans. My mother also spent three years in Gilhousen, Germany He told me one story of a night time passing through the gate when he saw two older women dressed in rags waiting a chance to take what few dollars they had to bribe a gate guard to pass something that their family on the Westside wanted them to have. The guards got money from both sides to have packages passed through, but of course they would pay dearly if caught.

Reagan was human and I think having the best healthcare prolonged his life beyond of what dignity he earned. That was a case where the family, in particular Nancy suffered greatly - I cannot imagine the last ten years, but the last 4 or 5 may have been terrible.

He may have been the last of the OLDER PRESIDENTS, people are voting for younger men now and I think only Ronny could have pulled that off even in the 80s.

The world for the most part respected him, that was something the US needed at that point in history. I liked Clinton too, but for different reasons - I thought and still believe that Bill Clinton loved people interaction, he truly loved meeting and learning from everyone he ever met. I'm not as keen on the latest bush in the Whitehouse, I though his father was doing okay, but Clinton had a powerful bunch of hecklers that made a baffoon of George Bush (the father) during his re-election attempt. The worse part of Sr.'s re-election bid was he used the same speech material at every campaign stop he made. And again, a few "Boooooos" in the crowd and Sr. snapped back looking like a fool. Clinton didn't have to win that election, Sr. was too busy losing it.

So "Goodbye Ronny Reagan" thank you for all you did, all you tried to do and everything you set in motion. History will tell the whole story, but I think Ronald Reagan will go down as one of the better presidents - I know he has in my mind. Many people will say that Nancy ran the country the last few years, maybe so - but she did a fine job if she did.
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Goodbye to Ronald Reagan
« Reply #1 on: June 10, 2004, 07:39:12 pm »
You know, I may have liked him... I can't remember.

Actually, I did like him until he said that during the Iran Contra hearings.

"I may have known... I can't remember". In translation... "Sorry, Ollie, I appreciate you putting your butt on the line for the love of your country, but I'm hanging you out to dry to save my own skin, good luck with congress..."

I guess I shouldn't hold a grudge, I do get a paid day off for his passing.

I've decided I hate all politicians. I hope they rot with their father in his very hot home.
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