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Author Topic: Now, a ‘sting operation’ on multiple sclerosis patient  (Read 1182 times)

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The drug companies aren't making any money off of this. They are probably not happy.

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Re: Now, a ‘sting operation’ on multiple sclerosis patient
« Reply #1 on: February 07, 2007, 10:35:29 am »
I remember one of my course instructors telling us about BVT.  He said that he had been treating an individual for about 5 years who had multiple sclerosis.  The results of his treatments were nothing short of being miraculous.  So, I have belief in this therapy surely.  I hear nothing but good of this BVT.

Honey therapy is what blows my mind.  I have seen the power of honey healing many, many times around our home.  Many small injuries with adults and children all the time.  Bandaids with honey on it all the time.  Good stuff.

I even treated a hideous ugly big red gross pimple in the centre of my husand's back.  Gross eh?  He couldn't reach it (thank goodness).  I applied a honey bandage for a few days, changing it a couple of times a day and it was unimaginable the gunk that came off on the bandaid all the time.  It was drawing out the pimple toxins in a way that I couldn't believe.

Ever get one of those types of pimples. Hope you never do and better yet, hope you don't have to deal with them.  I have seen them infrequently on people, and they are not nice little monsters to deal with and ugly as the ugly can get.

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