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Author Topic: Hi from Webster's Corners  (Read 1540 times)

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Hi from Webster's Corners
« on: January 01, 2007, 10:18:01 am »
Hi, I am not overly new to the forum, but I thought that I would share a little information about where I live and what I do.  I live in a small community named Webster's Corners, about 6 km east of a larger community called Maple Ridge.  I live close to mountains, hence it is rather more cold than my neighbouring town.  This little community was founded by Finnish folk.  It has quite a deep history, I have included a website because it may be interesting to some (or not).  My grandmother's name was Helmi Maki.

My house was built in the 1950s by a Finnish man, the workmanship of our home is superb.  It has had many beautiful renovations since the time it was built, by a former owner and my husband.  The latest of renos done over Christmas and this past two days.  What a job.

I live on 5 acres, I farm livestock, vegetables, fuits and bees.  Most of the produce that is produced is not sold, but I do sell enough produce to keep my land operating in a farm status mode.

Our weather is temperate.  First frost date would be judged about October 15 and the last frost date is about April 30.  We can be quite assured that the frost does not generally fall within these parameters.  But then, good ol' Mother Nature does sometimes put a flip into this coin.  We are rainy, which makes for green all year round, lots of sunshine in the summertime, cool nights in summertime because of the ravine and trees that border it that are close to our home.  We can grow almost everything imaginable here, although tomatoes get that ridiculous late season blight for the most part, so our tomatoes are generally grown on a south side of our home for immediate eating, or for the preservation side, in small greenhouses that can be opened up completely during the day and closed at night during the later part of summer when the nights get even more cool and condensation is a problem.

Just a little diddy about me, maybe a little lengthy, but I cannot help but do long posts, I like to express myself by the written word.

Great day. Cindi

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