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Author Topic: NATIONAL MARIO DAY  (Read 282 times)

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« on: March 10, 2023, 08:38:46 am »
What is an Italian plumber?s favorite band?
Mario Speedwagon

What is Mario's favorite state?

Q: Which room is Mario too big to fit inside of?
A: A mushroom.

Q: How to Koopas communicate?
A: They use a Shell-phone!

Q: How do you describe a koopa troopa birthday party?
A: It?s always a big shellabration.

Q: What does Wart drink when it?s cold?
A: Hot Croako.

Q: How do bad guys in Marios Bros. surf the internet?
A: With web Bowsers.

Q: What is Warts favorite game during recess?
A: Hop-scotch.

Q: Who builds everything in Mario Bros. world?
A: The Hammer Brothers.

Q: Why isn?t there poison ivy in Super Mario Bros?
A: To avoid any gl-itches.

Q: What do you call a Mario Bros. character on strings?
A: A Mario-nette.

Q: Why did Mario cross the road?
A: He couldn?t find the warp zone.

Q: What does Koopa like with his hot wings?
A: Shellery and blue cheese.

Q: What kind of music does Wart like to listen to?
A: Hip Hop.

Q: What does Bowser and the desert level have in common?
A: Both have angry suns.

Q: What .io game does Princess Peach play?
A: Mar.io

Q: Why did Luigi say to the Koopa on the cloud?
A: Look at you! (Lakitu)

Q: What did Mario use to talk to the Boo?
A: A Lu-OUIJA Board

Q: What kind of pants does Super Mario wear?
A: Denim Denim Denim. Denim Denim Denim?

Q: Why was Mario coughing so much?
A: Something went down the wrong tube?

Q: Why is Toad invited to every party?
A: Because he?s a Fun-gi.

Q: Who is the Hammer Bros. favorite singer?
A: MC Hammer.

Q: What did the Koopa wear on it?s head?
A: A shellmet.

Q: Why did the two ghosts attack Mario?
A: To give him a boo-boo.

Q: What does Princess Peach use to get things off the high shelf?
A: A toad stool.

Q: What basketball team do Koopas cheer for?
A: The Shelltics.

Q: What does King Koopa use to research things?
A: A web bowser.

Q: Why couldn?t Toad put a pool table in his house?
A: It took up too mush-room.

Q: When is Mario?s birthday?
A: MAR10.

Q: Which band is a favorite of King Koopa?
A: Sha Na Na ? because of Bowser!

Q: What is Luigi?s favorite move in basketball?
A: A jump shot.

Q: Where does Lakitu store his digital photos?
A: In the cloud.

Q: What did Mario say to Princess Peach in the underground?
A: I Lava You.
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