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Author Topic: Post Swarm Hive Inspection Lead to see Two New Queen Hatching from Q cell  (Read 86 times)

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I had a interesting experience today. I had a hive which swarmed out
And I caught that swarm. I inspected that hive found a frame
With a Q cell so I moved that to above Q excluder. So I create a split
Next day when I went the Cell was hatched and was able to locate and mark the Queen.
I went back to Brood chamber now thinking to give this Queen to it
Because it was two day swarm hive need a queen. To be safe side
I started shaking each frame and thought to move on top of Q excluder
Then I found another frame with few Q cells.
While I was looking the new Queen hatched out from it
I marked her. But there was another cell which was ready
And within minutes another queen came out.

I decided to put her on a frame above queen ex and place the first
In the Brood box, then I placed another Queen Excluder and added a box placing the third queen above it, I also added frame feeder and few empty frame. I am hoping to get enough bees for each queen
So I move her in separate nuc.

Does this way would work , any advise would be appreciated

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you could put the swam in its on box in a deferent location in the same yard, the take the original hive and split the frames, bees and resources between the remaining queens.
This assumes that you have extra boxes, nucs would be a good option.  In regards with the queen excluder not sure what your intention is but remember  the new virgin queen needs to get out on mating flights, the excluder could prevent that.  Good luck
Despite my efforts the bees are doing great

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You must be living right! ;-)

That's awesome.