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Author Topic: beekeeping in other countries  (Read 114 times)

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beekeeping in other countries
« on: January 21, 2020, 07:44:53 pm »
Hi all well i was over in thailand last october /november and whilst on a two day trip with the family we went to a local market , and whilst walking through i spied with my beedie eye something that looked like honey .So being a nosey b****d i wandered over to this stall and sure enough it was . Now here in aus they sell it in plastic containers or fancy glass jars but at these markets they sell the honey in what looks like a rum bottle , i was going to buy some just for a taste but the wife advised me what would she do with it when i returned home so that put a stop to that very cheap compared to western prices for a bottle . I ended up buying a small very expensive jar from tesco/lotus in bangkok i do have some photos but cant post them as they say they are to big anyway , also i watch a chap on you tube called kmere beekeeping from cambodia there hives are different to ours as they only use 1 super so you have brood mixed up with the honey and from what i have seen the honey is not a great haul .

It is amazing as this guy does not or very rarely wears a suit he has a range of videos on the way they do things where he lives and i found them quite interesting , these people are not rich or have a lot of recources at there disposal like we do ,i watched him harvesting larvea to make queens he makes the whole lot himself then grafts the larvea and strangely enough gets good results the way i look at his videos is grass roots bee keeping i think the fanciest machine he has is a 2 frame manual extractor anyway if your interested pop over and have a look at his sight i find it interesting to watch .