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Author Topic: Ace, Cider, Your favorite CNN got it right..........................  (Read 403 times)

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""CNN?Yes, CNN, Nails The Truth About Why The Globalist Elites Hate Trump And Why It Makes His Supporters Love Him Even More""


CNN ? When the global elite are aligned against him and laughing like the immature cool kids you hated in middle school, President Donald Trump is winning.

When the liberal law professors are neglecting their Thanksgiving turkeys to read congressional transcripts and snarking about Trump?s 13-year old son, Trump is winning.

When the politicians are mad ? so mad that they have shut down all policymaking to impeach the President of the United States on what constitutional scholar Jonathan Turley called ?wafer-thin? evidence ?Trump is winning.

You have to remember: Donald Trump wasn?t elected to fit in with these people ? the political, intellectual class ? to make them happy, or to become one of them. He was elected to break them. And that?s apparently what he?s done.
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Re: Ace, Cider, Your favorite CNN got it right..........................
« Reply #1 on: December 08, 2019, 01:59:52 am »
Very surprising indeed. Could it be that CNN has seen the writing on the wall?
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Re: Ace, Cider, Your favorite CNN got it right..........................
« Reply #2 on: December 08, 2019, 11:00:19 am »
The way we have elected presidents since Ike has always been curious to me.  It's fairly easy to look back before him and figure out how we got most presidents.  After him, things get fuzzy.  Nixon is easy.  Reagan is easy.  How on earth did we get Clinton and Carter?  Two backwater governors with nothing to recommend them.  Clinton was already under investigation in his own state.  How did we get Obama?  No experience, no one knew who he was, nothing to recommend him.

Some of our best presidents have been our accidental presidents.  Truman and Ford, and perhaps this one.

Truman was not loved.  He got grudging points for ending the war.  Ford was not loved.  Trump is not loved. 

The same people who engineered the Obama election thought they could do the same with Clinton (female) and they are powerful people. It is no wonder the press and the underlying powers have been throwing a fit since the election. 

They are so divorced from their own interests that even when their own security and that of their children is finally compromised, they do not seek to avert the danger themselves but cross their arms and wait for the nation as a whole to come to their aid. Yet as utterly as they sacrifice their own free will, they are no fonder of obedience than anyone else. They submit, it is true, to the whims of a clerk, but no sooner is force removed than they are glad to defy the law as a defeated enemy. Thus one finds them ever wavering between servitude and license.
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Re: Ace, Cider, Your favorite CNN got it right..........................
« Reply #3 on: December 08, 2019, 03:16:18 pm »
Interesting. ... and very well said Kathy. You raise some points that require thought ...
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