Whats your average honey crop per hive?

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I made a video  and it's all the rage on Reddit, and Beesource, I've been told not to expect any honey, to 300 lbs a hive, and all in between :happy:
I guess my numbers may be off, but I've figured on  80-100 lbs a hive if it's not a drought or something.

Michael Bush:
The average for Nebraska is 40 lbs per hive per year.  In a bad year I feed them 100 pounds and they make nothing.  In a bumper crop year, I got 200 lbs per hive.  I've only seen one bumper crop year since 1974...

So one super is all you need for each hive? no use to have a bunch of extras.

Michael Bush:
>So one super is all you need for each hive? no use to have a bunch of extras.

During a strong flow the bees need to spread the nectar out to dry it.  I want two or three supers at least and in a bumper crop year it will be too late to buy supers when you realize that you need six or seven for each hive...

Wow. Looks like you are all in, in your first year.
My first year I think I spent about $2000. That includes an 18 frame extractor and a good jacket.
I now have enough equipment for 39 hives and I don?t think I spent more than $5000. Of course I built most of my equipment with material on hand. Over the years I probably made 4 times that much and gave away a lot of honey to family and friends.
Jim Altmiller


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