PGE, monopolies, and punishing people


My in the 80s parents are without power for at least 5 days.  PGE has not said exactly how long the power will be down.  My brother is having to drive 120 miles round trip to get fuel to keep the generators going for them and his family.  How may potential fuel bombs are driving the roads as people do the same? 

PGE got sued for the Paradise fire.  It is true that they had not upgraded the lines and it is true that they knew that lines in many places needed to be upgraded.  It is also true that they have been making a pretty good profit for the last few years.  The lawsuit wiped out the profit and operating budget, so they have gone into bankruptcy.
PGE is a power provider monopoly in CA.

The response by PGE is to turn off power to rural areas as soon as the wind kicks up.  You may not be in a windy area, but if anyone on your part of the grid is, your power is off.  This is not a practical response.  This is "Your choice is power, or not suing us". 

The state of CA, which has PU oversight, could have stepped in, but did not.

Theory:  CA wishes to take over the power company, take the profit, and will be protected from being sued.  This would give them much needed dollars because in spite of what we are often told, CA is in trouble not far down the road with unfunded liabilities and with the free stuff promises they have made. 
If this takeover of deep pockets pans out (something like was done in Venezuela)  other states will be close behind.  Mine is already talking about turning off the power here when the wind blows.  PGE is our major state provider.

LMAO  Right after you said how wonderful private enterprise responds to your outages.  This is precisely why monopolies should not be owned by private enterprise.  They should be government run.  In the case of the power grid it should be federal.  Or state run to federal standards but no freaking unions.


--- Quote ---LMAO  Right after you said how wonderful private enterprise responds to your outages.
--- End quote ---

A private enterprise that has to compete is more responsive.  A monopoly need not be.  The government is also a monopoly. There has to be competition in order for a service to be responsive.  We have PGE here, but we also have a number of other power companies.  PGE would not be able to do to us what they have done to CA for a several reasons, not the least of which is Bonneville power, Idaho power, and we have not lost all our small dams run by smaller companies.  PGE could shut down some places for sure. 

In CA, they have no other choices except in very small areas run by municipalities.  The state has shut down a lot of the smaller dams, most of the nuke plants, and PGE is about the only game in town for power. 

Ace, you are sooo funny the way you misread and misinterpret things.  In 114 years of private enterprise, PG&E had never done anything like this. Then "your" government stole all their profits plus with a lawsuit that bankrupted them, so they retaliated. Now you blame it on them. Why should they continue to run a business that the state is going to step in now and then and take all the profits and more?


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