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Author Topic: More efficient way to heat wax dipper  (Read 383 times)

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More efficient way to heat wax dipper
« on: August 31, 2019, 08:18:26 pm »
Hi everyone,
 I'm also heat wax treating my woodwork and love how well it preserve my hives and since we now also have AFB in South Africa(western cape only) , sterilising is a plus!
What bothers me is all the heat that go to waste with a open fire underneath, and electricity or gas is just to expensive.
So I came up with 2 options;
1: rocket stove
Very energy efficient way to heat up with fire, and with the flames some what away from the bucket of wax, its safer also. But I can't find any good ideas to incorporate this concept with your big dippingbuckets?
F2: induction heating
Again, very efficient way to use electricity as heat source, and also amazingly safe as only the bucket heat up! But i also can not find any good information online, on how to make this work on a big container such as we use?
So my question is if there is anyone that use any of these two methods, or maybe not use it on there wax , but maybe have some experience with ether that could help to bring the two together.
A diy induction heater would be a quite complicated while with the stove the dimensions should be the only crucial part.
If anybody has any other good ideas, please buz in.
Thanks for your time