Notching for Queen Cells

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You guys are great. Mr Bill definitely knows his stuff. Very knowledgeable man. I read all his posts and am thankful that he helps out here.

I appreciate the answers. It makes a lot of sense. I'll have to try that on my next split!  :grin:


van from Arkansas:
Adore dat dar accent: one day old LAVA holder and DEN, DAT frame holder...  well the video was useful in demonstrating the subject matter.  Hats off to the fella.

An update on this topic:

I used the Notching technique last time around when trying to get the bees to make queen cells - it didn't work for me/my bees.

Here's how I did it - I removed the queen and some nurse bees from 3 strong hives, and placed them each in a Nuc with some capped brood and stores.

Then I went into the strong hive and notched each frame (that contained eggs/day old larvae) in multiple places. 8 days later I returned. Every frame had capped QC's, and every notched area was repaired so well as to be almost invisible.

It seems, my bees made QC"s wherever they felt appropriate, and ignored my opinion on the matter. ... maybe my comb isn't old enough for this technique to be beneficial for them?

Thought I'd share my experience. All comments welcome.

Cool ( I did buy the book from Mel )
I did the same on all mine made nucs with the queen and then notched got about 70 percent on the notches. I did notice that I chose  to new of eggs in the failures, but the queens have been great. I did it in June after the solstice[ You are not allowed to view attachments ] here was yesterday inspection.

Beautiful pattern JT.

In mine I only notched eggs - maybe I should have notched some freshly hatched larvae also. I'll be trying again next spring. I'm definitely open to improvements in my process. Regarding Notching for QC"s, in the words of Val Kilmer "I'm convinced the theory is sound" (from the movei The Ghost and The Darkness)  :grin:


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