Notching for Queen Cells

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--- Quote from: CoolBees on October 24, 2019, 04:16:00 pm ---Beautiful pattern JT.

In mine I only notched eggs - maybe I should have notched some freshly hatched larvae also. I'll be trying again next spring. I'm definitely open to improvements in my process. Regarding Notching for QC"s, in the words of Val Kilmer "I'm convinced the theory is sound" (from the movei The Ghost and The Darkness)  :grin:

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loved that movie
From the book Mel disselkoen Mel notches 36 hour larvae from a full strength queenless colony. The book is great. Will read it again this winter(like Florida has one) to get ready for spring
Here is some good pics.
And a older discussion on Beemaster

Why notch plastic? I notch wax foundation in between the wires so I can cut the cells out. I alternate the height from side to side so I can cut multiple cells off of the same frame.

Michael Bush:
I don't notch, but the rationale is that you choose the right age larvae and you spread the cells so they aren't in clumps that you can't easily separate.  On plastic, the clumps probably don't matter so much, but if you put one notched cell on each frame you could put them each in a separate mating nuc.  And you can pick the right age larvae.


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