German Black Bees for sale in the US

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Ben Framed:

--- Quote from: JojoBeeBoy on May 22, 2020, 08:35:09 am ---I realize this is an old post, but I thought I would drop this in anyway. These German bees are still alive and well in the mountains of TN. I found a tree near my house about a month ago.

There is also a local beek who raises queens, probably from swarms he has caught in the woods. They are likely open-bred so the results (or at least the offspring) would be hybridized. Anyone interested can email me and I will send you his contact info.

--- End quote ---

I mean no harm of offense, but I had just as soon  have Africanized bees. I have told the story here of when I was a boy my first experience with bees were  (what I believe to be) the black German bees. They came from a remote area of ArkbutlaLake. No thank you Mr JoJo. I hope no one I know anywhere around me brings in those mean creatures. No wild drones of that genetic line wanted anywhere close to mixing with my bees!

AR Beekeeper:
I am with you Ben, been there and done that. I have had them three different times and there is not enough money in Arkansas to get me to have them again.

As I worked hives in shorts over the weekend I decided you guys are correct.

My Mom once bought a bunch of Holstein steers to remind us of our youth. Everyone rotated days bottle feeding the whole lot and we each ended up with 2-3. Mine were eventually moved to where we live now when they weighed 350 lbs or so.  I had a crew manufacturing and building log homes and more than once we had to round up cattle. I had one crazy steer who would break out and the others would follow. One day this wild one walked straight through a tight barbed wire fence mounted on metal posts. An hour later it was hanging in a tree being butchered.

Farming something you have to fight is not for me. Thanks for reminding me.


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