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Author Topic: Sugar bricks, now is the time  (Read 321 times)

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Sugar bricks, now is the time
« on: March 20, 2018, 11:38:44 pm »
Hi, All!

Now that the bees are starting to brood up, I've been feeding them sugar bricks for the last 2
weeks.  With all this rain going on non stop they cannot go out to forage even though the nectar producing trees are
blooming everywhere.  I don't want to contaminate the Spring honey with syrup feeding.   With plenty of mouth to feed a
3x4" sugar brick will not last long.   I have 2-3 bricks laying on the top bars just in case.   The hive moisture is enough to soften these bricks for a quick feeding.  It is normal for a growing nuc hive to go through 20 lbs. of bricks before the main flow is on.   In unpredictable Spring weather here this is how I give my
bees an extra boost.   Have you been thinking about giving them extra feed lately?

They like it:  http://imgbox.com/RlPJk90o ; http://imgbox.com/664x4NFa