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Author Topic: ANARCHO-TYRANNY  (Read 1755 times)

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""How am I able to post?""

Because the forum is based in the U.S.
Try posting your rhetoric on a British forum and see how well you do.
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Regarding Natuve Americans and disease: Lewis and Clark map the Missouri.  During their expedition L & C stopped at a large Native village I believe was called Hanta or Hanna and numbered in the thousands.  L & C wanted information about the terrain along with horses.

The Hanna welcomed L&C, provided informa food and location to acquire horses.  While departing L&C left a sick explorer, one of the Englishman, with the Hanna to take care of.  That Englishman was sick with smallpox.  I read the entire village vanished, they all died of smallpox.

Also one of the two, Lewis or Clark (I forget which one)had a sexual transmitted disease (STD) and treated the STD with mercury, a heavy metal.

There are a lot of beautiful texted here, to many for me to single out and say: Yes, I agree, right on, good point.