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Author Topic: a physicist  (Read 384 times)

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a physicist
« on: July 02, 2017, 04:10:10 am »
A physicist went to the same diner every work day for lunch and ordered a sandwich, a drink & 2 ice cream sundaes.  He always sat down at a table for 2, placing the 2nd sundae in front of the other seat.  He always spoke briefly toward the empty seat, then ate his lunch & left. This went on for a few weeks. From that 1st day, the bus boy waited until he was gone, then ate the remaining sundae.

Then one day, he happened to be cleaning the next table, so he asked "What`s up with the extra sundae?" as the guy was sitting down.

"Well, I'm a physicist and I know that by the laws of quantum mechanics, there could possibly be a beautiful woman sitting there, lonely because nobody pays any attention to her, and will be so overjoyed that I'm inviting her to have lunch, that one day she'd appear and be my girl."

The busboy says "But there`s usually some fairly attractive chicks here at lunchtime, sometimes all alone. Why don`t you try asking one of them?  You never know, they might have a thing for nerds!"

The physicist replies "HA! What are the odds of that?!"
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Re: a physicist
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