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« on: May 05, 2006, 11:55:13 pm »
It occurred to me that I never properly introduced myself here...  While I hardly claim to be particularly interesting; as Gomer Pyle says, "It is rude, rude, rude" to not say howdy.  

I am in Central FL. I have one hive, Italian, will requeen her this week.  I've been interested in honeybees for about three years now, but didn't actually start keeping bees until Dec.  I've done a lot of projects for classes and the like on bees, but have precious little field experience.  After I went out and BOUGHT all of my equipment, my extended family says ' hey! we kept 20 hives in the 80's; you can have all the equipment and hive bodies. we never told you? hmph."  So now  I have double the equipment, lol.  

 Aside from the bees, I have 20 chickens, and turkeys, ducks, 2 cows, goats, pigs, a bloodhound, and  maybe a 1/4 of a garden/veggie patch.  I'm an environmentalist/organic/buddhist/metaphysics/grow-your-own-food kinda  person.  Studying biology/ornithology.  Thought about studying apiary science; but the jobs are so slim I think it's wiser to pick a broader field and just keep bees as a hobby...Someday I'd like to go into isolation and just contemplate philosophical speculation off in the everglades in a cabin for the rest of my life (with bees in my backyard of course)...

OK, now that I've thoroughly scared everybody, it's now time for our regularly scheduled programming.  Happy beekeping everybody!
People will accept your ideas much more readily if you tell them Benjamin Franklin said it first.
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