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Author Topic: Queen Excluder Panels ex China  (Read 318 times)

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Queen Excluder Panels ex China
« on: June 06, 2017, 02:41:59 pm »
For anyone who's experimenting with queen-rearing etc., the Chinese are now marketing plastic Queen Excluder panels in some useful sizes for this and similar purposes:

The strips on the left are 1.5mm thick, 5+1/2" x a tad under 1+1/2".  The material is fairly hard and rigid, and I can't see the bees chewing these, at least in the short term.  10 in a pack, and the price is ludicrous.

The panel on the right is 9" x 6+1/2", the 'wires' are 3mm diameter, and the panel itself is 7mm thick. Again, made from fairly rigid plastic.  Price is very good for what you get.

In both cases, the spacing seems ok - around 4.2mm - can't see any imperfections.

If the larger panel is too big for your application, it can always be sliced in half, as per example in the centre.

I haven't tested either of these products for UV durability - my guess is that they probably wouldn't last longer than a season or two outside.

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