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Author Topic: DE-WINRERIZED BUS - WIRELESS NETWORKING  (Read 3542 times)

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« on: May 04, 2006, 11:16:11 pm »
Hi All:

Here I sit in the comfort of my prize possession (37ft Deluxe Motor Coach) seem at www.beemaster.com/bus/html for you new bees - typing to you wirelessly through my home wire router.

I am teased at work by the coworkers (having a vehicle that gets 9 city 13 highway) does have its disadvantages - but you don't buy a Class-A Motor-coach and worry about the fuel: you simple vomit each time you fuel up at the pump and when you are done, you are lighter and MORE fuel efficient - lol.

But the real story is, from Spring to Late Fall, the BUS is my get-away from home heaven, whether we travel or not.

Lastly, I can't play A Nascar on this machine - it's just to beat for being slammed with a trojan horse, corrupt files, slow processor, etc., but I can still play POKER - I STRONGLY SUGGEST anyone still thinking about US BUILDING A POKER GROUP that we use www.ultimatebet.com I tried two other free sites (well, they have pay poker too, but no pressure to play for real, ever) and UlimateBet looks and feels and installs and gives you better feedback and visuals BTTER than all the rest combines. Party Poker has avatars that take up much of the screen - Ulimatebet shows chairs and names and it is easy to follow and text chatting (you just type and hit enter) nothing harder or fancier than that.

Lastly, they give you $1500 to play with ( in a multiple number of games you can play) and when you lose you get another $1500 immediately and on and on. It is fun, a great way to have a friendly fun game with other members from all the parts of the globe, expanding our relationships beyond bees.

Nascar - that is something I'll need to do int eh house, but it works out much better anyway, the desk is more Driving-wheel friendly (it has a huge screw-type clamp that holds it in place and a brake and gas pedal. You can choose to auto shift, manual shift, etc. but more about all that later.

Think about OTHER ONLINE GAMES that interest YOU and maybe we can get other groups together too - my wife and (I too) enjoy playing multiplayer SCRABBLE using a $9,95 program that is up to 4 people or computer players - for us word lovers, this is a great possibility too.

Lastly, LINGO a game at www.gsn.com (game show network - a TV station) has a great word guess game that is fun to play one on one.

I want us to have a community, whether we use OTHER features (such as online gaming ) to better know each other is up to all of us - the Lingo is TOTALLY FREE and there are always THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE and computer players to keep you busy. Let's keep a finger on the pulse of using technology to make our truly blessed site more and more useful, interactive and down-right fun for the members. I hope you all agree, we have something easy to use here, a large membership and enough people to really make gaming a fun part of the forums.

It is soooo loaded with features - side by side fridge with ice maker, two huge slides, two TVs with Satellite Direct-TV. You really are pampered with luxury and tonight it is in the low 50s - perfect sleeping weather... I'm in RVing Heaven.

So today I dewinterize it, bled all the RV (potable antifreeze) and Filled all the tanks, and everything checked out perfectly - except for the washer/dryer combo which we'll checkout later - again, luxury is sweet.

I wouldn't/couldn't justify the cost of the beast and fuel and maintenance IF we only used it 5 or 6 camping trips a year, so we decided it to be a SUMMER HOME just feet from the house. It is affordable to cool (just under 480 square feet) with 11 layers of material on the ceiling and 7 layers on the wall - with double pane glass, it is energy efficient AND very sound proof.

So, since going wireless, I thought I'd try putting the old Dell out here with the wireless networking and I'm getting 5 signals which is great. I have a 7 foot long vanity in the bedroom (full queen bed and flat desk with window over looking the forest) where I have the 17 inch flat-panel monitor, keyboard and mouse and CPU tucked nicely away. It is ready for travel JUST the way it is.

To save on electricity, we don't chill the second floor, we have a bedroom one the first floor and use the bus - the savings over multi-window AC units is big savings by Late Fall. But most of all, no climbing stairs, we use intercoms to communicate, the bus has a phone and the fridge has ran all Winter for both excess food cooked for parties, stuff that stays frozen and just to keep cold stuff cold while we rotate food through the fridges.

My whole point is - IT'S CAMPING TIME at Beemaster Central again and I'm excited - a lot!!!!  I hope those of you with pop-ups, travel trailers, Class A and Class Cs ALWAYS have them so the kids can use them. It is a great baby sitter, makes them explore sounds and starts of the night and well-rounds off kids that could SURELY do things that are not as healthy as breathing in fresh air and hearing the call of the wild.

HAPPY CAMPING SEASON ALL - We are planning trips, but for now, I'm already living the way I've waited 5 moths to do - with fresh air, stars and MY Urbanized upscale camping. You tent people laugh when I call the camping - and I couldn't agree more, it's more like an Embassy Suite where I clean my own suite :)
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