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--- Quote from: scottie52 on June 01, 2017, 11:25:37 pm ---I used both Lemongrass oil and Swarm Commander. Have caught three swarms this year. I set five traps. Two of the swarm were only about 30 yards apart from each other. Oh and I used frames with no comb on them.

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Are you using both in the same trap or different lure scents in different traps?  And where are you located?  It seems from what I've seen on forums that swarm trapping isn't very successful in eastern Pennsylvania.

Need to find other locations, but the ones I've chosen 'seem' to follow the 'rules'  (along a forest boundary (the open land is a pipeline cut through); a lone tree; at the end of a small tree line)

I'm disturbed in that I rarely see honeybees anymore.

Im using both in each trap. 6 swarms so far. You don't need brood comb I just use the plastic foundation.

little john:
Coming in very late on this one ...

Old brood comb is attractive to bees, not because it's brood comb per se, but  rather because it's old, well-used beeswax - i.e. it stinks of propolis and 'bee' in general.  So - slumgum will work just as well as an old brood comb, and most people will give you a bucketful gratis - so no need to buy it.

Wax moth will still lay on this stuff, but it's a lot more difficult for their larvae to live in it, not having the same 'passageways' that comb has.  But anyway - slumgum is at best considered 100% disposable.  Makes for good chicken feed.


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