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I am attempting to swarm trap, and in my research I have discovered that old brood comb increases your chance of success. I wish to purchase decent* brood comb from a cutout or removed from a frame (my plan is to cut the brood comb into approximate 2?X 2? pieces so I do not need the frame).

 I look forward to your responses, please contact me via PM and thank you.

 *Decent ? I?m not an expert here, but I plan to first freeze any comb I would get, which I believe would take care of any wax moths (as long as the comb isn?t completely webbed). But if the hive died because of disease (particularly AFB) or is slimed by small hive beetle, I would not consider that ?decent?.

swarm commander > brood comb

And no worry of wax moths chewing it up if the trap is up for awhile.

I am new to this, but have been successful at catching 2 swarms this year. I just put a few drops of lemongrass oil on the inner wall an a couple of small (2" x 2") pieces  of old comb between a couple of frames.  Good luck!

Thanks for the advice.

I may try Swarm Commander next year.

Did not put as much effort in trapping this year as last year, but I have not even seen any activity around any of my traps (LGO) with beeswax on inside of trap.

But I've rarely seen any honeybees in my area, particularly this year.

If next year is a bust, I'll be giving up on getting bees as buying packages is not an option.

I used both Lemongrass oil and Swarm Commander. Have caught three swarms this year. I set five traps. Two of the swarm were only about 30 yards apart from each other. Oh and I used frames with no comb on them.


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