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Author Topic: Wormwood tincture for the prevention and treatment of nosematosis and varroa  (Read 214 times)

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Hello. Someone used wormwood tincture for the prevention and treatment of nosematosis and varroa?
What do you think about using tinctures in beekeeping?

In Ukraine, beekeepers often use wormwood.

The ancient doctor Avicenna called wormwood "a panacea for all diseases". Wormwood is considered a poisonous plant, but all medicines are also poisonous in a certain concentration.

In Ukraine, beekeepers often use wormwood tincture for the prevention and treatment of nosematosis and varroa. Tincture of wormwood has a normalizing effect on the digestive system, metabolism, eliminates virtually all existing fungal and infectious diseases. Tincture of wormwood works well on varroa mite, but it does not give one hundred percent result. That why it is necessary to use additional means for the prevention and treatment of bees from varroa mites and nosematosis.

Tincture of wormwood is added to the syrup at each feeding. Proportion: one tablespoon per one liter of syrup. For 50 colonies, we disperse 5-7 liters of wormwood tincture per year.

Wormwood for tincture is harvested during the flowering period. It is dried and then cut into pieces. When cutting, wear a respirator because it produces a lot of dust. You can also buy wormwood in a pharmacy and make her tincture
To make the tincture, you need a three-liter bank. At the bottom of the banks we pour a glass of dogrose (if there is no dogrose, you can do not use it). We use dogrose as a source of vitamin C. Then lay wormwood. It needs to be well punched. It is better to use wormwood of different ages in equal proportions. After the wormwood was laid pour vodka or moonshine to the top of the bank. On a three-liter bank we used two and a half liters of vodka. Cover the top of the bank with cellophane and cover with a lid to avoid evaporation. Wormwood insists about two weeks in a dark place.

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Thanks for this. My Sweet Wife is an herbalist and she found this fascinating.