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Experienced Beekeeper
« on: October 03, 2016, 05:42:42 pm »

Experienced beekeeper who loves to work with bees and with 7 years of experience including commercial beekeeping in Ventura County California for pollination, honey production and seed for alfalfa in the Black Hills of South Dakota.
Hardworking, goal driven, well rounded person and eager to learn beekeeper that is willing to work in irregular hour and holidays, as it is always that the bees dictates the work. Beekeeping skills and knowledge includes and not limited to:

Queen Rearing
Loading bees to semi's (Netting and Strapping)
Moving hives to yards
Forklift operation
Honey Harvesting
Honey Extracting
Comb Sorting
Wax Processing
Hive Assessment
Organic Acid Treatment
Feeding and Feed Mixing (cane syrup and patties)
Disease and Pest prevention
Bee yard maintenance
Hive equipment repair
Increasing and Equalizing of colonies

Beekeeping has always been hard work and challenging, but the quality of life and rewards cannot be beat.
Resume/CV will be provided as requested.

Thank you.