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Author Topic: Hive building on eave  (Read 4377 times)

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Hive building on eave
« Reply #20 on: July 27, 2015, 11:35:31 pm »
No worries. That hive and 2 others (new and from 3 different local sources) I have seem to be doing "ok". We have a hard palm blossom going on right now and I hadn't been in the hives for about 10 days and expected to have to put a third box on ( I run 8 frame mediums ) all hives but they all just were about the same as the previous inspection.  I'm not very invasive so most "inspections" have been: open lid, move frames sideways enough to see in between and make sure the frames aren't all full and needing another box. I did pull off the top box on all of them this time around and there plenty of bees covering the drawn frames on all three hives bottom boxes.  But they just aren't drawing out the top boxes like I thought they might be. I'm leaving town soon for a few weeks so I'll probably be adding a third box to all no matter what just before I go. I am doing frameless and I'm new so I'm not super worried about wax moth invasion since they'll all be blanks. No spare drawn frames here yet.

Thanks for checking in.