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Author Topic: WTB 10 frame-supers-top/bottom boards unpainted cedar Near Monument Colorado  (Read 834 times)

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I am looking for 10 frame deep supers 2 and a screened bottom board screened top cover and alumn covered top.

I prefer unpainted cedar.

Esentially I need parts to make a stacke 10 frame hive.
 i have the medium supers for honey in top late nector flow production.
I need 3 metal excluders, 2 plastic excluders, 3 entry restrictors.
I also need one screened bottom board that has slide in cover to keep heat in for winter.
If not a bottom board screened.
also looking for the plastic hive stand you fill with water or sand, I think called ultimate stand.

Any other parts etc would be nice to know.

I am in Monument Colorado hoping to nfind someone near with equipment they don't need.

Bob 719.314.9360