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Both are about the election. "Why oh Why Lord" don't we have an National Primary Day and the DO AWAY WITH THE Electoral College and it's part in our countries election - ENOUGH of the silliness, people aren't going to polls - they just tune-in to see who Florida voted won't for so we can know who the next President is. It is almost THAT sickening. Ugh.

Am I nuts on this one? Can't we just vote online on two set days a year - and air the Political Debates on TV live for 24hrs prior to election and have a PRIMARY National Day. Give all the candidates all the air time they want (it will be like a Jerry Lewis Telethon.) What??? too soon?

I'm tired of only having two candidates when THREE candidates drop out before the first primaries. I like that, you got all season to convince people why they should you vote for - you can spend as much as you can't campaign that $24 - but all candidates get equil camera time. THEN VOTE!!!!

I only care if my candidate remains in the race for Super Tuesday (which NJ has been a part of about 5 years. Use to be in June.

Michael Bush:
>DO AWAY WITH THE Electoral College

There were very good reasons for the electoral college.  The original system was this:

U.S. Congressmen were elected by the people.
U.S. Senators were elected by the the state senators
U.S. Presidents were elected by the Electoral college
Electoral college was elected by the people.

When this country was young you didn't "run" for office, you got "drafted" by the state senate to represent them in the U.S. senate.  You didn't "run" for president, you got "drafted" by the Electoral college.  This was, in my opinion, a very good system.  Anyone might get elected president even if they didn't want to "run".  Only U.S. congressmen and state senators really were campaigning and that was only in their local jurisdictions.

Now we have laws in most states that require the electoral college to vote the same as the candidate.  When I first voted the names on the ballot for President were the person who was running for the electoral college representing that presidential candidate... now they just put the candidate on the ballot which gives the misimpression you are having a popular vote for president.  If Germany had an electoral college there would have been one last chance to NOT elect Hitler...


I am with you on the national primary day though.  as long as we are going to do it like this, we should have one day of voting with early or absentee voting only for hardship cases.

this business of voting over the course of a month, by mail, from state to state, sucks.

not sure i'd go with all online voting though.  we don't want our elections at the mercy of the Sony hackers   :-D

we are where we are because we have landed somewhere between "fairness" and democracy.  one not achievable and the other not desirable. 

Michael Bush:
>not sure i'd go with all online voting though.  we don't want our elections at the mercy of the Sony hackers

Or the government... as Stalin so famously said, it's not the voters who decide an election, it's the people who count the votes... if it's all electronic then where is the physical audit to prove the actual count and the validity of the ballots.  We have a physical system that can be audited and proven.  A given polling place is given x number of ballots.  They have to account for all of those ballots.  All of them are either cast, thrown out as miscast, or left over.  The number of cast ballots has to agree with the number of voters who signed the registry.  The total number of ballots has to agree with the total number originally sent to that polling place.  The actual votes can be recounted at any time by looking at the physical ballots.  The only real options for cheating are all those dead people who vote every year...

We should change the voting day from Tuesday to Saturday. Working 30+ miles away from my voting place and voting on a working day jeopardizes my chances to vote.


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