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Author Topic: any here have aquaponic system and any prob with bees drinking the water?  (Read 1525 times)

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we are thinking of setting up a small (to start with) aquaponics system.  I have had big problems with my bees drinking out of my chooks drinking water system to the point where we have dismantled it and are buying a different, much deeper bowl, type in the hope it will not be so attractive to them (the old one has little lube cups just perfect for bees to sit on).  Im a little concerned that my bees will be attracted to the aquaponics.  I dont mind them in the fish water so much but dont particulry want them in the plant section.  They are very aggressive at the moment and stinging us and the chooks at random.  Im thinking of requeening (as only started this aggression since requeening themselves) so this might be short lived.  I am organic beekeeper and also a bit worried about what we might have to put in the water to get Ph right and dont want them drinking this too..............They do have other water options eg a pond and I have started filling a bird bath close to the hive for them.