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Author Topic: IOS 8.0 is OUT.... Time to test drive it! iPhone 5 battery recall too!  (Read 1623 times)

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I've been waiting a while for IOS 8 to be released and today it has. I've watched a lot of videos made by Beta testers who have shown many of the feature, some look really cool. I'm actually installing it as I type.

I have to mention that even before Bud6 (last April) anytime I tried capturing video or using my iPhone with resource hungry apps (okay, I play Candy Crush too) my photo's battery would drop like a rock - I had bought a battery stick (you know one of those portable recharge devices for phones) to keep connected and used its battery to record stuff because the iPhone (no matter what I did in settings) would drain ridiculously, making my phone TETHERED to a wall outlet - so much for portability.

So I heard of the recall and it DOES NOT effect all iPhone 5 batteries, but at Apples site you can type in your serial number and see if your battery is involved in the recall - my battery IS part of the recall, so it will be replaced by Apple.

Now, not that I'm a conspiracy kinda guy  :roll: but since I refuse to us iTunes to manage my files in my devices, I had to buy CLOUD storage to back my phone up on. And since I have a 64 GIG iPhone that is nearly full (yeah, 546 apps will do that to you) I went with the 55 GIG (think that was the amount) Cloud which cost $100 a year. Expensive indeed, but Apple sent me an email stating my storage was increased to 200 GIG and they took almost $60 off the $100 fee. So they quadrupled my space and gave me more than half the cost back - of course this is a marketing thing cause the iPhone 6 is now out and a happy Apple customer surely will eventually move to the iPhone 6.

I had to add this after I posted this message: the reason for getting Cloud storage is because you need to fully backup your devices data and turn off the device location finder, then fully swipe the device BEFORE you take it to your Apple store where they will give you a loaner while they replace the battery. I'm not sure how the mail-in version of doing this works, I need to read up on that. So the conspiracy part of me says, the battery recall could be part of a "Sell you Cloud storage or hope you'll just get an iPhone 6) and even though I know a world wide recall on batteries might cost millions and millions of dollars - it's still a pretty good way to promote upgrading and selling storage which really offset the gamble of having a recall.

Thing is.... I didn't need that much space to begin with. Apple backs up your added data, but as far as their apps go, they basically add only links to the apps in the Cloud - not the whole app, which saves you a great deal of time backing stuff up and saves you tons of Cloud space. When you reinstall your apps, it refers to the apps and downloads the latest version of the app to your device.

So, I have all this space on the Cloud now, but I still don't get how you access the photos, etc.? I know Mac's have software that let you interact with the Cloud data, but theicloud website seems extremely limited at what you can access. Does anyone know a good PC program that gives you full access to your storage, because if the files are on the Cloud and I can't access them, then the Cloud seems kinda useless to me.

I think I'm missing something on how the Cloud storage works, so anyone with more knowledge than me, and that's likely everyone - any tips on interacting with it OTHER THAN using it as a reinstall media site? Thanks.
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