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Author Topic: Zombie Fallout - a 7 book series  (Read 2905 times)

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Zombie Fallout - a 7 book series
« on: February 22, 2014, 01:34:18 am »
I might have mentioned I like zombies - lol. Well, I downloaded the entire series of Zombie Fallout by Mark Tufo and read by Sean Roulette - nearly 90 hours of audiobook and worth every minute!

You follow Michael Talbot, a quick witted albeit smart-a$$ed attitude ex Marine, with no awesome skills at anything, but a good person, family man and trusted friend who has leadership skills.

Well, SHTF (look it up) and the Zombies come, they are the unfortunate victims of a bad batch of flu-shots. Before you know it, like the flu, zombies are everywhere and civilization quickly falls apart - kinda walking dead style.

But enters Tommy, a special needs boy working at Walmart when two of Talbot's kids are there and Tommy rescues them - adding him to Talbot's growing group, with wife, brother, best friend BT and the most memorable character in any book I have read of its type - Mrs Deneau - I envision her looking like Andy Capp's wife, but with only three traits: self preservation, a crack shooter of almost any gun and loathes all of humanity.

Enters in this world of the living dead a 500 year old vampire named Alisa, who for some reason in this world of total chaos, loathes Michael Talbot, someone she has never met, but vows to destroy at all costs. Her power to control Zombies and easy manipulation of desperate men who just want to live, leads her on a course to destroy Michael Talbot, going as far as gathering a hundred truckers carrying 10 thousand zombies in their rigs to do the job.

Then there is Tripp. A total burn-out who uses more drugs now that he ever used. A character that drive you to drugs as he gets you in jam after jam.

The characters are rich. Talbot's sarcasm is second to none and luckily for the reader, the story is told in mostly 2 view points: first in chapters written as Michael Talbot's Journals, you relive the moments as he wrote them down and as character quotes are read live time. An interesting style where in his journals, all of which he loses, but we read it as best as he can remember are mainly told to us as if sitting across a bar with a beer in our hand. Then it is written where Michael is live and we experience it from outside his mind.

The style works, it is funny, gory as a story can be, yet as over the top as it is - I loved it. In paper it's about 5 times longer than THE STAND, being 7 books really draws you into every character and some disappear for 2 even 3 books, when you think all is lost - they return and all the sub-plots seamlessly fill in to form a wonderful somewhat campy, although very epic tale that never leaves you dying for it to end. It is a vast world of traveling the country, both chasing and being chased, hiding and being trapped and no situation drops the ball. I did my best to figure out the timeline and believe from first zombie to the end of the series is 2.5 years, and you feel every mile and every shotgun blast as you travel along for this ride.

Hope any of you like these kind of stories. Sean Runette makes Michael Talbot come alive - I don't know if I would have enjoyed the written version as much, but I know I would have enjoyed it!
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