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Author Topic: HULU , NETFLIX or AMAZON PRIME  (Read 6714 times)

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« Reply #20 on: January 30, 2014, 11:49:59 pm »
I came to this thread because I am interested.  I like to have tv/movie going in the background when I do other things, and sometimes I even like to pay attention to what I'm watching :)

We have not had broadcast TV since it went digital (never got a box or a new tv), and I can't say I miss it much.  At the time, we had Amazon Prime (which we still have)...we got prime for the shipping, and it is worth it to me.  We went through most of the content that interested us, and rarely (very rarely) end up watching anything over Amazon Prime.  For a while it was Android compatible, and I would watch on my phone or Ramona's tablet as well as on the laptop.

We do watch a lot of Netflix since we subscribed...I'm not using Hulu plus enough, and will probably end up  canceling it (most of the content that I tend to watch there is available directly from the network...Daily Show, South Park, etc.  In theory I think I would use it more, but I simply don't.

I ordered my smartphone the night before they dropped  the unlimited plans, so I have 4g, unlimited, and I also use it as a hotspot.

I'm considering getting a digital converter box and trying the airwaves again...I don't think I could stomach paying for cable...I rarely find anything I want to watch when I do have access to Fios.

I've also found a number of older shows (good background stuff) like 'Small Wonder' and 'Too Close for Comfort' available on Youtube.  I can't make any claims about the legality of making these available on Youtube, but big brother Google is certainly interested in making sure that IP is respected, and it seems that violations are dealt with...some of these have commercials as well.

So, I was very interested to see what others are doing.  I was reading through the thread when I came across:
I've shared my site of choice before http://www.tubeplus.me/ there really isn't any TV series I haven't found here and all content is commercial free.
Nearly every book I pay for, I find elsewhere and can use filemaster (and a few other apps) to download. Not as convenient as Audible, but $14 a month cheaper.

..which is what I was commenting on.  If you don't want a discussion about illegal downloading, perhaps it would be best not to discuss how and where to do illegal downloading?

Deknow.... Why do Libs always think people are talking about them?
1.  How did this become about 'libs'?
2.  You were addressing me directly, I assumed you were talking to me and about me.

Here we go.... "I've stole before, but that was me" Glad you forgave yourself.
I recognize that I have stolen.  I recognize that I will probably steal again before I die.  I haven't given any thought to the idea of 'forgiving myself' or not.  I don't go around telling other people how to steal and justifying to myself that it isn't stealing.

Let me ask this, If you paid for HBO and a show appeared on there, so you chose to download it AFTER paying your fees to HBO - are you still stealing, just stealing a little - or have you paid your royalties?
They are not 'my royalties' to pay.  In your above example, you have a clear contract with HBO, who has a clear contract with the owner of the work.  If you feel entitled to make an agreement but change it unilaterally because you think you deserve more than you agreed to, that's fine....just as it's fine if someone pays for a pound jar of honey and feels entitled to take a 2lb jar off the table instead...after all, if the customer feels entitled.....

Shows on Broadcast TV where you can obtain the content through the airways, through a legal digital converter box - do you see watching a copy to watch (NOT DISTRIBUTE) infringement? Does that commercial you muted and went for a bowl of ice cream until the show can back make you a thief?
This is clearly legal and proper...has anyone said or implied otherwise?

How about shows that you can not find on regular TV until of course they make a movie of the same name, then they dust the box off and play a Gilligan's Island Marathon - how much of a crook is it if you would like your kids to see these, especially if they have never heard of them and they were the shows you couldn't wait to air as a kid 50 years ago?
I'm not sure how/why anyone is entitled to things they don't have legal rights to, and for which the owner doesn't care to grant them to you.  One could _at least_ understand what it is they are doing instead of pretending that because they want it and can't get it legitimately that they are entitled to obtain it through whatever means necessary.
...that isn't to say that I would fault anyone for downloading Gilligans Island for their kids to watch (I love Gilligans Island).  Telling others how to do it on a public forum (that you own) and acting as if it is your right to have access to it is a whole other thing.

If I pay for cable, and a show airs on a channel I paid for - then I believe I have the right to see that show however I choose
That is an absurd position.  You have the rights that are in your contract with your provider.  If you don't like that contract you can cancel it or you can ignore it....but you don't have the right to download a bit torrent of it just because you feel justified.

I know you admit to being a thief in your past, reminds me of the I smoked pot when I was a kid line - no one smokes pot, but they sure use too! but somehow you believe that qualifying others in a hierarchy that you either made up, or you get a trill out of seeing how us evil people dance with the devil for an episode of Bewitched or Rifleman.
Gee...I feel so bad about myself now.  ...but my point has been driven home...you feel justified in stealing...so justified it doesn't seem like stealing, does it?

So, I'll ask this - if I choose to stream or download a TV show or movie I pay monthly fees to a cable company to see, but I don't want to pay another $12 a month for a DVR, I give up rights to watch that show that I paid for because I was at work, not home or watched something else? How many times are you supposed to pay for something? Isn't it ever yours?
This has been clear since 1984.  You can record the show yourself to view (you could probably buy a VCR for $12...probably setup a cheap PC based recorder for not very much money...you could even setup your old super8 movie camera and wire recorder if you like).  You cannot download a torrent file that someone without any rights to the work uploads to the web.

Final thought, seems movie companies make about 2 dozen films a year for half a decade ...
Not sure your point here.  If you don't like the product, don't buy it.  If you steal it,  you wanted the product all along, no matter how much you complain about it.

I suppose you write a royalty check every time you sing happy birthday too - or do you apply rules so the best fit you? Satellite, cable, streaming media or over the air content, whether watching commercials or paying for channels - we all watch something, probably frequently that might raise an eyebrow on infringement.
You clearly don't understand (or don't want to be seen as understanding) how copyright law works.
'Raising an eyebrow' is not the same thing as, 'here is where i get my illegal TV...you can too, and it isn't even wrong!'

Again, I started to read this thread because I was interested in the topic.  Again, I was disappointed at what I read.


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« Reply #21 on: January 31, 2014, 07:58:37 am »
thanks buzzbee.  i just got the hopper.  hated to upgrade, but i'll tell you what, that's a way to get spoiled really quickly!   :-D
I think thats a good choice Kathy. If i was still with Dish, or when I return, it could happen as I've switched before,Iwill likely go. with the Hopper .

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« Reply #22 on: January 31, 2014, 04:22:50 pm »
I seem to remember saying "I don't endorse pirating, I just recognize it is readily available with newer technology like MAGNET downloads being much more secure and track-proof than torrent files." Stating a fact is NOT an endorsement.

Some people recognize that dinosaurs did exist, but hold that the Earth is still only 5000 years old - they can teach your kids in school with books like "My two Mommies" and "Daddies new husband - your new Mommy" or whatever else is taught in school, but even a MOMENT OF SILENCE is not allowed because kids could pray, even the thought that they could pray is too much.

What has that got to do with Hulu and Netflix, not much except half the programming is leftist propaganda. The best way to take a perverted lifestyle and make it acceptable is to make a comedy about it and stick it on TV. If it's a hit, then just get a bigger bed and toss another "Parent" in it - soon, my four daddys and 2 mommies will be the norm.

Back to sanity. Never cared for TORRENTS, and it's a great way to get snagged. I'll just do what Deknow does and watch it over Youtube in 10 parts and assume it must be okay to watch, after all, nothing seedy happens there.

I brought this up asking, who liked what service and why. During the topic, several other ways of obtaining TV and movies without downloading them was discussed. It is just reality that people will find other ways to get music, ebooks, videogames, video, anything digital - and none of those ways are secret, just go to Youtube and find thousands of videos on how to download anything. No matter what means of obtaining entertainment for my home system, I want it to be the best rated system at a competitive price, and if the means dropping all TV except a local package, getting my triple play down to $115 a month and then buying Hulu for $9, saving about $80 a month, then so be it.

Thank you all.

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« Reply #23 on: February 27, 2014, 03:07:50 pm »
update on OT.

i tried amazon prime.  they don't support the devices i have and one of the reasons i have netflix is that i can watch it in bed or at the gym on both the tablet and phone.  i was shocked at the small number of portable devices supported and if the idea was to push people to kindle, i think it's a very short sited plan.

so...that's that.  i'll keep netflix.
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« Reply #24 on: August 23, 2014, 06:34:28 am »
This also happened with me i was paying more than $220 as my bills .
The problem with all those plans and promotions is that they expires and prices goes up.(They count on that so you forget and pay more over time)

I am calling my service provider every year or so once my promotion ends and request to lower the price mentioning I will move to different provider! - They usually lower my price for few more months or come up with new promotion for year!

Usually I forget to renew myself but by using Remindme2save (Google it ) it keeps sending me reminders when promotion going to expire and I renew:)
Got to say first I can find almost anything on the web (free and streaming) that any of those service have. But I called the cable company and asked what we can do with the bill.

This last month, with a triple play, Showtime and HBO and of course all the rentables the bill jumped to $208 - mind you (as if it explains it - my Internet speed is over 40mps) but I tried all combos, and 2 stuck out.

Keeping the Triple Play (TV, Internet and Phone) is always the cheapest bet, but there is a wide variety of packages of cable TV bundles that can dramatically effect your monthly fee.

With little effort, I took off the 2 discounted premium channels which I was getting for $10 a month each. Then with no other change, I got offered a 12 month plan that dropped down to $149.95 plus taxes = about a $45 saving, but I kept probing.

I asked about reducing the TV bundle to the barebones package - about a dozen local tv shows to keep up with news, etc. Nothing else TV wise, but we could easily live with in this bundle - our actual "live TV" show watching is almost nil. I don't care if I'm watching, let's say the great new series BLACKLIST tonight live with commercials or when I want with very limited commercials, and as soon as tomorrow. This package btw brings me down to $115.95 another $35 savings, still in a triple play package and getting the rock bottom deal for someone who has had promotional rates every 6 months or a year for way over a decade.


I had Amazon Prime, thought I'd pay for it on shipping fees of stuff I bought through Amazon, and I think I did okay. I really didn't watch TV on it, just some movies and honestly didn't use it much.

NEVER used Netflix - just didn't come up in my trial of services quest for what is best for us.

We do watch HULU, a lot - and just started a week of free HULU to check it out. I'm still bothered by the commercials on TV shows, but they are shorter than regular HULU. I scrolled through the channels and some were as I had hoped, looks like they have a few hundred channels, many my cable company does not have, but almost all that they do have. But some of the channels had little to no content on them, seemed like "eye candy" on the channel listing page more than anything.

To help you, we watch TV series, mostly dramas, and often dramas we've never seen or heard of - found MISFITS from the UK to be a great Sci-Fi comedy, I'd put on the same scale as Warehouse 13, except MISFITS is very adult language and situations, but a good series that ran 5 seasons.

There are many such series specifically made for (or at least contracted to HULU) and we find more every day - right now we are watching John Doe about a over the top brilliant man who knows everything except who he is and where he comes from - great show.

The other thought being, I have a website that I have shared that has ALL THIS CONTENT ON IT and nearly any movie you have ever heard of, all streaming. TV shows are always available the next day and there are no commercials fairly easy to navigate. Sometimes you don't get HD content due to auto-bandwidth settings and rarely but it happens (at HULU too) there is some buffering, even at my very fast Internet speed.


Well, if I take the cable to $115, say $124 with taxes, then get HULU or other monthly service - I know we would be more than overwhelmed at the content we watch, as it is now. Truly, nothing much would change minus the rare "Channel Surfing with the TV remote" in TRUTH we watch TV through my computer 90% of the time. That included all the HBO and SHOWTIME stuff that streams for free now. I don't think we'd miss the cable box stuff, I'm very good at bookmarking our shows across the many websites - so we never miss the series we like and although none of the MOVIES content at any of the online service blow me away, it's easy enough to get the latest stuff in the theater downloaded in minutes - of course I don't endorse pirating, I just recognize it is readily available with newer technology like MAGNET downloads being much more secure and track-proof than torrent files.


Of the three and let me know of any others, which streaming service do you use and let me know which ones you have tried and what negatives you came across as well.

Thank you, saving $60 a month on cable is a lot of money, especially since we rarely have the TV in the TV mode - again, 90% of the time everything we watch is through my powerful workstation PC. $720 a year is a few thousand rounds of ammo, 10 to 15 dinner night outs, even a room in Atlantic City 5 time a year. And NEVER forget new toys, ummmmmm toys!