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Author Topic: 2nd deadout  (Read 658 times)

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2nd deadout
« on: February 19, 2014, 01:52:48 pm »
found the 1st dead-out on a warm day in Jan. that hive looked like it starved. since the forecast was for temps. were single digit & below zero I put the inspection boards in my s.b.b s to help keep them warm & put candy boards on the 5 remaining hives. it got into the high 50's yesterday so I took a peek. all 5 hives have been hitting the candy boards. but 1 hive did not survive. oddly for this time of year on the inspection board under the screen of the dead hive there were around 25 dead small hive beetles. are there any labs that will inspect the dead bees? if so anyone have contact info? also my candy boards are basically 2" deep inner covers with a center hole & a notch in front for ventilation & upper entrance purposes. if i rotate the boards 180 deg. to put candy back over the cluster that would move the upper entrance to the back of the hive. would that screw with the bees sense of orientation? i have some candy blocks that i could put on top of the cluster instead but would like to see all of the candy board consumed.