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Author Topic: Google+ and what they are doing to Youtube (ADULT LANGUAGE WARNING)  (Read 3911 times)

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Before I begin - the video below has (( adult language ))

Here is a Youtuber with about 1.5 million subscribers - he has a character he plays in many of his videos called Francis, this video is Boogie playing Francis and he's talking about a very important subject - one which will change Youtube as we know it.

The subject is about a few things, but primarily about how you can no longer comment on Youtube videos UNLESS you have (and are signed into) a Google+ account.

The bigger issue, covered in other Francis videos is Youtubes new Copy-write infringement rules - this effects people who do walk-thrus of video games, review any content that has a trademark or is covered by ASCAP and others music associations, you are considered guilty of infringement and subject to fines.

Just a few years ago Youtube added links to Itunes and elsewhere when protected music was being played without permission - a perfect way allow background music and not violate the music industry laws.

Anyone who has been to Youtube have seen videos with no speaking, but with subtitles in English most often and recognizable music playing to the content being viewed. NOW, using music recognizable software like Shazam or Soundhound and Youtube content creators are getting violation notices.

This character called Francis is giving his opinion on the new Youtube/Google+ rules which greatly restrict both content creation and earning for the Youtubers. We are not talking pocket change, some of the to Youtubers make a few hundred grand a year - but now that is all changing.

It may not be the death of Youtube, but the people who educate up, entertain us, are all being effected by the new laws.

Again, adult language - put your youngins' away from the language, but this is entertaining stuff that speaks the truth - oh too well

Before I begin - the video below has (( adult language ))

Francis HATES Google+

I like both the real Boogie and Francis, and he is very popular on Youtube.
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