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Author Topic: What if Dreams were continuous like a soap opera  (Read 3066 times)

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What if Dreams were continuous like a soap opera
« on: January 30, 2006, 04:08:48 pm »
Someone in another forum mentioned a thought: What if (when we sleep) our dreams took off right where they left off, night after night - just as we wake and take off from where we left off the previous day. It seemed plausable to me and I got thinking.

It got me thinking about how REAL would a sleep world be? Wouldn't it or couldn't it be an Alternative Reality or Universe where all the character would assume their world is real, even if the known laws of gravity, space and time didn't apply - I think it might.

There is a lot of talk about alternetive universes, string theorists claim anywhere from 2 to a million (typically 7 to 11) or more simultanious realities exist ALL at the same time - layered like the flaky layers of a filo dough: all layers independent of each other, yet together they make up the entire pastry.

It doesn't sound too unrealistic when you have experienced dreams that were "soooooo real" that you were surprized or waken only because something in the dream conflicted with your "conscience knowledge and personal history" of the world as we know it.

Imagine dreaming something extremely real for what seems like hours and then all of a sudden in the dream a purple turtle hops in the room speaking Spanish - you'd either wake up immediately shocked or laughing or continue the dream WITH THE KNOWLEDGE that it was a dream.

I know I have woken up laughing at some silly or rediculous thing that happened in a dream, also woke up crying or frightened. All my different emotions have been triggered by dreams at one time or another - but I wonder that if "something" hadn't triggered reactions from me, would I have bought the reality, hook, line and sinker.

Imagine if I were sitting here right now typing this post, I'm assuming that I am awake and alert, but when you dream you have the same basic assumptions. Now, here I am typing and all of a sudden my printer stands up and starts doing back-flips in my kitchen, I'd wake up laughing or in surprize and ONLY THEN realize I had fallen alseep (possibly in bed or maybe at the computer - or had been asleep and then started dreaming I was at the desk) either way, it was ONLY the unrealistic part of the dream that brought to my attention that I had been dreaming.

Then you have LUCID DREAMERS - something I practice to do and occationally achieve - that is recognize while dreaming that I am dreaming and (the important part) stay asleep but control the experiences within the dream. I believe Lucid Dreaming happens to everyone, especially when very tired and when dreaming something entertaining or relaxive. You consciously think to yourself "Hey, this is a dream, but it's pretty cool so let's stay dreaming and participate."

The degree of sleep is important, you need to be into REM sleep, but on the edge of conscienceness - it's like the fine line between the cool night air and the surface of a pond, a razor thin space where differenciating the two are nearly impossible. It's in Lucid Dreaming that the dreamer has a degree of control of what happens in the dream. I've had many more OBEs than lucid dreams, which I think seems backwards, but true.

I'm pretty good at lucid dreaming "until" I'm asked a question in the dream which requires a calculated responce - I can function well in a lucid dream, but all of a sudden someone asks me to add a group of numbers, or the ask me to recall an address or phone number: it is at THAT point that I wake-up and slip out of lucid dreaming.

But in theory we sleep 1/3rd of our life and dream a varied portion of that third and remember small small portion of the dreams we have. Typically, we only remember the dreams that really scare the crap out of us, everything else is dreamed and then erased on the fly.

But today we CAN TELL if people are dreaming through electrical conductivity in the brain, although we are a long way away from being able to see a person's dream - doesn't mean we don't have the ability to suggest what a person "will" dream. Drugs today (I'm guessing) can pretty much create an artificial reality when given with strong suggestions to the dreamer. If you can mechanically induce a DEPTH of SLEEP and monitor it, then inject chemical, verbal or electrical stimuli to the dreamer, I can imagine you can create a very realist world - one that fool the dreamer into remaining in his/her sleep like state perpetually.

My question I guess is, can reality be nothing more than a perception whether induced or dreamed? What causes us to choose what is real and what is not. I've seen David Copperfield (Magician) in person and even though I know people can't walk through walls or fly without wires, the PERCEPTION is created for the viewer to be "real enough" to stay within the boundries of plausability - until the magical part of the trick occurs. If we didn't know better, we would have to assume these people have godly powers, but we all know it is just POSITIONING and MIS-DIRECTION.

But if these same theatrical tricks were done in the 1600s in Boston, they would be burnt or drowned as witches, or beheaded for wizardry in the iron-age. It is preception of reality that makes things real, not the reality of it. I'd even say that IF we saw enough people flying in magic acts, that flying around in a dream might not trigger the dreamer to waken, same goes as walking through walls and any oddity that we normally would spot as a trick of the hand.

Once we remove the reality triggers from our dream world, there would be little reason to wake up unless the body has had enough sleep and is done resting.

About parellel universes, if the exist, I doubt all layers would play by the same rules. Here, we have faith that gravity holds us down to the floor and all objects heavier than air will fall to the ground. But those rules may not apply in alternative realities and alternate universes.

If I were typing (now) from one of those, I might be transmitting this to you telepathically or I might be hovering above my keyboard as I zoom through walls at near light speed - and all that may be acceptable in a different reality, so nothing would seem out of the norm, and if it were a dream there, I might now wake up!

I think I'd like to have ONE CONTINUOUS DREAM, like a soap opera, hopefully one with a postive script and awesome sound-track :) And that makes me wonder, is what we call reality JUST one long continuous dream that we experence each night, a dream where we strictly apply the rules of nature and science and where wonderful, horrible and mundane things happen in each episode.

It's not to hard to imagine that "what we experience day to day" might be contrived by our minds, maybe to take us away from a horrible real existance or possibly within a sleep induced coma, who knows.

So, I'm done babbling on and on - I think I'll wake up now  :shock:
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