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Danish Bees:

I run a medium-sized beekeeping in Denmark, based on a traditional Nordic frame size, Norwegian standard. I would like to extend my beekeeping, and move my bees on to a more international, and rational frame size - Langstroth. There are not many beekeepers who have Langstroth in Denmark - and certainly not any commercial beekeepers. Langstroth is widely used in Germany, so here's my question: Is there anyone who can put me in contact with a German beekeeper/broker who wants to sell his operation(200+ hives)? Preferably in the states north of Berlin.


Hello Esben
im a beekeeper from Germany and beekeeping with Langstroth 2/3 and have actually 12 hives.
If you are interested i can give you link, where you can buy Langstroth.
But you should know Langstroth is not most used System in Germany, the most used hive systems is Zander and Deutsch Normal  ;)


Its a bit to early in the Winter to start compairing frame sizes and systems  :fishhit:

An otherwises infected debate to warm the blood of beekeepers in the dark Cold Winter, like cabin fever for beekeepers that are missing there bees and waiting for cleansing flights.

In Sweden we have much too many frame sizes too choose from.

If your Norwegian frames are the same or similar to " LN l├ągnormal Low normal frames" there is a 13 frame box that is the same size as Langstroth boxes, if you want to convert your beekeeping in a converting faze.

The Swedish distributor

The 13 frame box has the same outer dimensions as a langstroth box. The 13 frame box is a flat pack that you put together from 4 pieces and a Little glue.

It could be an alternative if you don't find a buyer for your bees or cant buy bees in the langstroth size.

ask more questions if there is something you wonder about.

mvh Edward  :-P


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