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Author Topic: Four wheel driving, learning the capabilities of 4x4 and keeping safe.  (Read 11895 times)

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Hi all,
I am starting a thread about Four wheel driving not only because its a hobby of mine, but how relevant it is to some of our fellow beekeepers.
Some may have large properties, and it is with all the land that some come up with the idea of beekeeping (myself included).
Access to areas of the property in many cases requires a capable vehicle with all four wheels with traction. And if your land is mountainous and bumpy, then the four wheel drive is a big help.

Location of a beehive can be located in unique spots and in my case, to get to my location, I require the use of four wheel drive.

I would like to point out that vehicles are not toys, and if you do dangerous things, there is an increased chance of doing something life threatening. It really only takes one silly mistake.

So my thread would probably go along the lines of the following questions and or themes...

1. Which vehicle do you use to work with your bee hives?
2. Is the location of your hives in a unique spot, and require a little extra to get to it?
3. Have you had any near misses with your vehicle, whether being a quad bike, four wheel drive, or any vehicle?

My response to my own questions
1. I use a Nissan Patrol 1990 GQ wagon. The back of the vehicle is large to place supers and other tools.
2. The property has plenty of shaded spots. So I position my hives in the sun, but it's on a sloping mouton side, and I need the car to access it.
3. There was one time when the vehicle was on a bit too much of an angle to my liking, however I was fortunate that it did not roll. Needless to say I learnt a lot about the risks associated with mountain terrain without having any accidents. Because you don't need to have an accident to learn what to do next time.
Common sense, and practice is required with safe use of any vehicle.

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  The most important thing to remember about a 4 wheel drive is that it will get you well beyond the point the wrecker can reach before it gets stuck.
  I made a living as a trapper for much of my adult life and drive shafts, hubs, radiators, and other parts know how far off road they are, and what kind of cell signal you have , as they look for a place to croak.
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