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Author Topic: My Blog About Urban Beekeeping in Philadelphia  (Read 2008 times)

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My Blog About Urban Beekeeping in Philadelphia
« on: January 06, 2013, 10:20:47 pm »
Hi All -

Just wanted to let you know about my blog, which chronicles my (mis)adventures in beekeeping since I started 4 years ago. I have postings about setting up hives, catching swarms, doing bee removals, harvesting honey, getting bees out of my pants, getting bees out of my car door and most recently, making beeswax candles. I usually have lots of pictures and try to give people a laugh or two. My blog is called "For the Time Beeing" and can be found here -

www dot timebeeing dot blogspot dot com

And for one of the funniest stories about beekeeping that you have read, search the blog for the "Busy Summer Part 2 - Swarms" post  (funny part is the second half of the post, "The Honda Swarm")

Thanks for looking and love to hear any feedback -