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Author Topic: Eurobees - to connect beekeepers from EU  (Read 1287 times)

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Eurobees - to connect beekeepers from EU
« on: November 04, 2011, 01:41:12 pm »
The idea of Eurobees was established because there is not certain place on the internet where the beekeepers from EU could exchange experience and information at international level in one place. The most forums and beekeeping related pages focused on particular state beekeeping issue, that's why the information necessary for beekeepers flows slowly or not at all. For example CCD cases. It is spoken , if the bees disappear the life will finish on Earth.

In addition, it is possible to deal with beekeepers related business with EU and it is raw senseless to not use this. It's difficult to find beekeepers without knowing other languages who deal with queen bees, beekeeping supplies or selling the bees colonies.

I hope Eurobees become such an environment in the future where it is possible simply to find beekeeping related information and also beekeepers and businesses who are involved with business. Also, the future development will the beekeepers will complete Beekeeping Diary on Eurobees page, when there described data could provide big assistance to detect the used poisons, dangerous in agriculture and in varroa control etc. The inserted data by beekeepers in the Beekeeping Diary might be partially anonymously accessed to other users (inc state agency responsible for the maintenance of the environment in theirs country) and which given us a possibility to combat jointly against dangerous factors for bees. It is easy to complete Beekeeping Diary and in addition to protect bees, it's also extremely necessary to promote the personal apiary.

I do hope from my hear that the beekeepers who are big friend and fan of nature will reflect a bit further and not consider only than own state beekeeping. It would be fantastic to get a associate with new people who have common interest. Why not to think about to organize the beekeeping day(s) by EU where the people who have met previously in Eurobees.

My expectation is that Eurobees will be useful either to beekeeping business management and beekeepers development with total EU.

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