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Hi - I'm a born again beek after 20years dormant, I live in Ukraine, born in Australia ninth generation, family immigrated from England to Australia in the 1860's from Somerset in England. Family history shows they grew cider apples and kept bees to produce honey for mead making. I'm interested in making contact with other beeks in Ukraine who can talk a little English because my Russian is not all that good. Ukraine beekeeping industry employs over half million Ukrainians, both professional beekeepers and hobbyists and the average annual honey output near 75,000 metric tons. Therefore, Ukraine is the fifth-ranked country in the world in terms of the honey production output after China, India, Argentina, and the USA. Traveling around Ukraine you quickly learn Ukraine people are passionate about two things their vodka and their honey. Beekeeping in Ukraine is different in many ways, husbandry, bee breeds and honey styles are unique to this part of the world. However, the Ukraine people are still mostly information hoarders and gate keepers a legacy from their long soviet past. So thanks for the site and I hope to make contact with others interested in sharing their beek experience and knowledge.

Welcome. We would love to see pictures.

Good Luck,


hello, iam too from Ukr (Kiev). Ukr have most of bees in European. If u have some questions for our beekeeping, ask here. Sorry for my eng.
My father whis my uncle have 300 family of bees.

The system blocks  it due to spammers.   You can get a mod to post your pics until you get your post count up where you can post your pics yourself.  (keeps the spam down here)

But I would like to see pics of beekeeping over there.   

Welcome to the forum smartllne.


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