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Author Topic: 4 -#3-Packages on Perma Comb and drawn comb and honey, and foundationless  (Read 1138 times)

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I just got 4 packages #3 each and was going to try them a few different ways , I have pollen and honey frames and empty drawn frames  from deadouts they are all deeps and was going to install 2 packages in an 8 frame deeps with this arrangement ? HPEEEPHH does that sound right , and want to go foundationless in 1 with drawn comb on each side of empty narrow frames and can I put the 4th on Perma Comb ? the PC is medium and I do have some empty  drawn and some capped medium if I need to mix with the PC. The temps may get in the 50s later today for this operation . Thank you for your advice. Brian . In chilly Maine

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If you have some more drawn comb, I would put them in between the three empties until they draw out one of the other frames to be a guide, otherwise they sometimes bridge under the topbars of different frames when there is several empties together.