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Author Topic: Has Any Research Been Done On The Effect Of GM Food On Bee Biology?  (Read 2700 times)

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I have read for example that 90% of the sugar beet (the sugar most use to make syrup for our bees) production in the USA is genetically modified. Seems the growth in GM food crops have coincided with the decline in the honey bee population in my opinion. Would like to know what others think? Have not seen this topic discussed in the bee forums.

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I have read similar things. My understanding is that a big problem for the bees is the pesticides/herbicides that are engineered into the seeds. Which are now creating new strains of super weeds that are tolerant of herbicides. Makes me wonder.
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It has been discussed a lot at this forum.:

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Re: Has Any Research Been Done On The Effect Of GM Food On Bee Biology?
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Recent disclosure that Glyposate causes birth defects should have restarted the debate.
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