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Author Topic: A few plants I've notice to attract honeybees...  (Read 2098 times)

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A few plants I've notice to attract honeybees...
« on: June 06, 2005, 10:24:07 pm »
Around my house I have a few...unique plants that I have noticed to attract honeybees.  These include...

Bleeding Heart Vine(nectar/pollen)
Jacaranda trees(nectar)
Wisteria Vine(nectar)
Purple Queen( Pollen, surprise for me)
Flamingo plant(nectar/pollen)
Elephant Grass(pollen)
Cherry Laurel(nectar, pollen)
Prickely Pear cactus(pollen)
Basil(pollen, nectar)
Brazilian pepper(nectar( makes terrable honey))
Black Mangrove(pollen)
Red mangrove(pollen)
Mexican Heather(nectar)[/list]

I was wondering if anyone had any imput on Oak trees.  They shed pollen by the pound down here and I was wondering if they were any use to honeybees.