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Author Topic: CONNECTIFY - 4-G hotspot your WIN 7 PC  (Read 2598 times)

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CONNECTIFY - 4-G hotspot your WIN 7 PC
« on: December 17, 2010, 04:42:22 am »
I'm always looking for software to make peoples lives easier and even cheaper. I came across this beauty yesterday and have to sat it is a sweet program. I'm sure there are more programs like it, but I like this one's simplicity.

Connectify is a program that lets you take your Windows 7 laptop or tower with wireless modem and turns it into a secure 4G hot-spot.

Let's say that you are somewhere (internet cafe, airplane anywhere that users are charged for connection. Well, you can have one of your party pay and turn in his Connectify, it will list in your available wireless connections, all you need to have is his password, which you arrange ahead of time. In seconds HE is your wireless hub and you surf on his dime or split the costs to make it affordable for all.

Better yet, one fellow or gal has a cell 4G service and no other service available - let's say at Bud3 in the field or fishing hole. Again, he connects then his Win7 computer broadcasts internet through WIFI to anyone with out service who is there to use. It could be a Ventrilo intercom system that stretches all of Bud areas!

Another example,lets say it is 500 or 1000 feet to a cutout of bees and you want to broadcast it live (using Bud's signal, but it can't reach. You can set up 1 or2 or even more daisy-chains each at the edge of the previous one so that the signal makes it to the spot of the cut out and several computer can capture THAT event.

SERIOUSLY, I can think all day where this comes in handy and it is FREE software I got from download.com called "Connectify" here is a detailed page about it:


And in that daisy-chain scenario every one of those PCs were a 4G hot spot too - so if you were only 1/2 way to the cut-out, you could still Skype or check the forum, ect.

I'm sure data flow becomes restricted, but a good internet signal is a real tool for this program.

Last night I had one PC 4G and three others connected around the house. I know if I sr mu 10 inch Samsung outside in the front yard (say on top the car hood or roof) I could easily go across the neighbors with another computer and we could both surf my 4G hotspot or just watch a Video on Youtube or Xfinity on mine :)

Try it out if you like cool things like this - I now have 2 router SSIDs "Beemaster Server" and "Beemaster's 4G Hot spot" available when I want.

They say it is AD SPONSORED but the window you have when running Connectify is small, the ad is only 1/2 by 3.5 inches and can be minimized out of site. That window tough does inform you of how many PCs are on you 4G and you have control of which to keep or kick and gives lots of technical feedback too.

Give it a try, read any views. I can see now being the hero at work, having a hot spot when my coworker has no wifi signal at all :)

You can play LAN games, do file sharing across multiple platforms and more. The only computer that needs Win7 is the one (s) hosting Connectify - if yo have XP, you can surf just as always. Here is the vieo, hopefully it explains it well.


Let me kow what you think. I'm going to add a new orum here in COMPUTER HELP called
MY FAVORITE SOFTWARE or GADGETS" so we can all get an idea what is out there.
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