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reading now
« on: October 26, 2010, 04:33:33 pm »

i thought this was timely, given some of our other conversations.  this is written by Joel Rosenberg who is a Jewish Christian.  he's also studied Islam and has spent a good bit of time in the middle east.  you might be familiar with some of his fiction, but this is one of his non-fiction writings.  

i am 1/2 way through the audio book which is quite long!  it's very detailed and has interviews, writings, and a lot of history about Islam, Arab and Persian countries and culture/conflict.  he has so far spent a lot of time going over the factions of Islam, the various governments, the beliefs of the radicals and how they are different from the beliefs of every day Muslims, etc.  how modern day radical Islam and the west collided.  what they think of us and why.  what they think of Israel and why.  what they think of moderate Muslim countries/governments.

now i will have to get the book so that i can follow up some of the references.  he's like Bodansky in that way,  but a much easier read!
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