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Author Topic: "Buzz Off" by Hannah Reed  (Read 1623 times)


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"Buzz Off" by Hannah Reed
« on: October 15, 2010, 08:55:15 pm »
This book was given to me recently by some members of a garden club I did a presentation for this week.

it's a 'soft' mystery if that's what you call it.  it's more like a 'chick flick' of a book.

The interesting thing about it is that it comes off as a book trying to talk about bees and beekeeping and they built a story as a vehicle to do that.

It's not too bad overall.  not something  I would normally pick out on my own as it has that "chick flick" feel to it. (sorry,  I just don't know a better way to describe it.)  Most guys, outside of the bee references, of which is most of the book, probably won't get into it that much.

it is fun to read a fiction book completely centered on bees and beekeeping though, at least once.

it's worth a read once because of the novelty for anyone.

Big Bear