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Author Topic: Labels and business cards  (Read 399 times)

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Labels and business cards
« on: November 27, 2010, 08:16:49 pm »
 I was reading some old threads and thought I might add another option for anyone else out there.
 Back when I was deciding to actually sell my honey the label gal was late getting samples to me.
  So I went to Staples(our local office supply), bought a software program for labels, a packet of full sheet label paper, extra coffee and 32 hours later had my design, letter styles, color combos all figured out and 5 different size/shape labels  with 7 different weights. I used some clip-art provided, but can add my own, even photos.
 Made my own business cards with it also, and various signage to put in the booth(did my own cold press lamination) they hold up well.
 I just print more of any size as I need them, some don't move as fast as others, or if I come up with a different container or product I don't have to pay for setup charges, shipping, or minimum quantities that I might never use.
 Found out the hardway that officejet ink isn't waterproof, it bleeds, so bought a laserjet with honey profits.
 When I decided I was going to stick with the background color I was using I ordered a case of label paper(old local print shop, very accommodating) in a very close match to that color(I like it even better). The per sheet price was about a third of the 100 packs and I will save perhaps hundreds in ink cartridges of that color.
 Started off using scissors to cut them apart, then a rolling cutter with a guide on a cutting mat, faster and neater. People don't mind the square corners.
 I had a commercial customer that wanted to use some particular bottles with their name for a promotion-not a problem. Did a sample in their colors with their logo, got it approved and they had the honey in three days, start to finish.
 It may be a little more work, but I just love the versatility. I doubt if I'll ever use ready made or custom order from someone else.
 Now that it's winter time I might have to think of something more to do with this stuff.

Goodluck with all your endeavors.
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