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Seat belts
« on: April 14, 2005, 08:05:08 am »
Seems like once again I started something to get off topic, so I will start this one for those pesky seat belts. Just another subject with opposing sides that one can not change anothers mind about because of different life experiences. I know I posted one of my stories on here before but perhaps it was lost during the great crash. Here it is.

Before the interstate was put in we had what we called the Amarillo highway. I was headed north in a 1966 fast-back Mustang. My dad and I had just put in a new engine after the car had been sitting for a few months. The thing would spit oil out the tail pipe about as fast as you could pour it into the engine. I had also put new tires on the front and had plans of replacing the bald tires on the back. Now keep that in mind. These tires looked like racing slicks.

So we got the car running and I took off for the house via Amarillo highway. I was cruising about 60mph whene I came upon this hill, and while I had not seen any rain, the surface of the road was wet, starting right where the highway started down hill. The surface of the road was one of those places where the hot tar had been worked through and smoothed off by traffic. It was like glass, and I had bald tires. Needless to say the rear of the car tried to go in a direction I didn't want it to. So I steered right. It then wanted to go left. I steered left, then right, then left, and this time it kept going. I was headed towards the ditch to the right sideways. I knew the tires would probably catch on the ground and roll over. I grabbed the bottom of the steering wheel, slid down in the seat, and braced my feet on the floorboard.

The funny thing about all of this is that I didn't feel any jerking or jarring. I just knew that suddenly I was not moving. I looked around and was surprized to see grass and dirt out the side windows and the windshield. A pair of pliers was resting on the bottom side of the knobs on the dash. I then realized I was upside down and didn't even know it. I eased myself down onto the ceiling of the car, it was right there almost touching the drivers seat, and crawled out a window.

What had happened is the car spun around and went a short distance down the ditch backwards until hitting a culvert. It then flipped over backwards landing on the top. The way I look at it is if I had the belt on, I could not have sunken so low into the seat and my head would have been where the roof of the car now was. Also I could not have braced myself in so tightly and would have flopped around. I came out of the whole thing with a tiny splinter of glass in my index finger.

Others I know. A friend of mine walked with a limp because he broke his thigh bone in about three places when his knee hit the dash. I can't remember how or why he left the roadway but he then hit an embankment, flew into the air and struck a power pole about ten feet off the ground. The direction the car was traveling and the way it hit the pole threw him to the right and forward slamming his knee into the dash board. Sure, a seat belt would have kept that from happening BUT, seems the steering wheel was shoved through the drivers seat. Could have been him.

Ever seen one of those 18 wheelers that hauled propane? Those tanks are tough. Another friend of mine hauled the stuff. It was icy, like black ice type icy. When they started digging him out of the wreakage they just knew he was a goner. There wasn't much left of the cab of that truck, and the crushing started on the drivers side. Well he wasn't there. There was only one place a person could have survived, that was in the passenger side floorboard. Yep, that's where they found him, un-hurt. He would have been hamberger if he'd had his seatbelt on.

I could go on but I'll save some for later. The point is, it depends on the type of accident weather the seatbelt will save you are not. And in some cases it can kill you. It also depends on the person's reactions in a situation. A girl I know, while not injured, thought she was gooing to have an accident and panicked. Just threw her arms up and screamed. That caused her to have an accident. Her VW Beetle ended up parked "up" a sign post, the front bumper pointing to the sky.

Drive safely.
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Seat belts
« Reply #1 on: April 14, 2005, 10:48:40 am »
Sounds like the group you run with should all enroll in a remedial driving class, then spend some time with Bob Bondaraunt and polish up the skills.
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