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Author Topic: Big Brother 11  (Read 1843 times)

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Big Brother 11
« on: August 07, 2009, 09:43:24 pm »
Just wondering if anyone else is watching this show this season? I haven't paid for a Big Brother live feed in 4 years, but for my birthday asked my wife to get me the feed ($39.00 for Realplayer Superpass, BB included - that is for 3 months) which is cheaper, just to be $14.95 a month for Superpass and you paid $39 for Big Brother.

Any way, I watch it on Showtime Afterdark, and enjoyed this group - for a change I knew all their names from the first week, something the last few seasons hasn't interested me enough to do.

Plus there is a cutie (Jordan) who is North Carolina friendly and cute as a button, that I won't mind saying is a joy to watch. The game is better than many seasons and just starting week 5 of 11.5 weeks. Lots more to go, so I have plenty to watch once I get off these 3-11 shifts.

Being California time there, they sleep until almost noon here and I'm off to work by 2pm, they're barely out of bad by then. When I start days again Monday, I can watch them from 3pm until prime-time or movie time. Actually, it will be more like listening, they will be background noise as I do other stuff, but I like the game and seeing it play out is always interesting.

Early predictions Jeff or Natalie will be in the final two - who with, I don't know yet, week 7 in Big Brother is ALWAYS when the game changes dramatically, any shift in power occurs then because the number of house guests force new alliances to form or existing ones to be defeated beyond repair.
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