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Author Topic: The dead Girl  (Read 1890 times)

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The dead Girl
« on: July 30, 2009, 09:09:21 am »
Here is a sad story, you know the end from the beginning but realise that a mother has not just lost a daughter, but everything about her is so foreign to their normal home life, the mother can only watch as new and newer information unfolds.

Just adding this paragraph, I got off topic with the last pararaph. In The Dead Girl, we know she is dead, the mother follows an unlikely trek into the world of drugs and prostitution (from a viewer housewife and mother's prospective) and we meet the people the daughter meets, each seedier or more decrepid than the last.

It is one of those shows that seemingly will not have anything close to a happy ending, which the film I speak of in the final part of this post is a good example that NOT all films end with a better day to follow. But The Dead Girl climbs out of the dirt and filth with a chance of redemption - worth seeing on DVD.

In a way it reminds me of IN THE VALLEY of ELAH (Tommy Lee Jones) a father of a proud soldier learns his son isn't the saint he had thought, nor was the armed services the place he had served - he would be exposed to a generation of soldiers in this different world where we fight against people who don't care if they live or die and they even care less for us. This movie proves, not all movies need a happy ending, and in that - the story is told.

Both good movies.
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